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The Top 15 Poker Players in the World

Revered poker players in the world make huge sums of money. Some of the names that feature in the top 15 list have been playing at casino games for decades while some came in recently but have quickly risen to be top performers within a short time.

Here are the top 15 names that raise eyebrows in every casino owing to how good they are.

The Top names in poker across the world

  1. Viktor Blom
  2. First in the top 15 list is Blom who is currently 29 years old. He made news in 2013 when he achieved a $1.7 million take home in under two weeks.

  3. Tom Dawn
  4. This player made a daring move by quitting university to become a professional poker player. He is normally found playing in South East Asia casinos.

  5. Dan Cates
  6. A trained economist known as Dan features next in the top 15 list. He left his career to play full-time poker. Dan now boasts of having more than $7.4 million in winnings.

  7. Phil Ivey
  8. Phil has proved his skills in poker on multiple platforms including physical casinos and online poker. He emerged runners up in a Russian poker game held in 2020 where the top prize was $1.4 million.

  9. Patrick Antonius
  10. Patrick is a Finnish national who has been playing poker since the early 2000s. His total winnings stand in millions of dollars.

  11. Ben Tollerene
  12. Ben has origins in Texas but his skills have enabled him to conquer the world of poker across borders. His scores are in 6 and 7 figures which is typical for any high roller.

  13. Fedor Holz
  14. After sweeping tables clean for years and amassing millions from poker, Holz announced retirement and now focuses on his business empire.

  15. Phil Galfond
  16. Phil is known for his courage to push limits by playing with huge sums and likes playing with like-minded players.

  17. Di Dang
  18. This player grew an initial deposit of $200 to millions in the casino and took his winnings to establish a chain of restaurants upon retirement.

  19. Ben Sulsky
  20. Ben likes cash games with high stakes more than tournaments which makes him stand out from the other top 15 poker players in the world.

  21. Bertrand Grospellier
  22. Bertrand is a French citizen and is one of the players who made a smooth transition from traditional casino poker into the online space.

  23. Chris Moorman
  24. This UK player has grown a name for himself in live casino games while at the same time collecting huge sums of money.

  25. Mike McDonald
  26. Mike began playing poker while still young and has used his wealth gained from the casino to establish his very own online casino.

  27. Martin Jacobson
  28. Martin left his career as a chef to join professional poker. He is known for his meticulous moves that are well calculated.

  29. David Benefield
  30. The success in poker during his college days made David take up poker professionally and is still active to date.

    It is no doubt that for anyone to get their name mentioned in the list of renowned players, they have to put in lots of time sharpening their skills in a casino. Technology has made this easier by granting access to the best services to players even from the comfort of their homes.