The plan of resistance
to PokerStars (owned by Amaya)

What happened?

The new Pokerstars owners unreasonably increased the cost of the game to make players pay for their debt.

What do we do?

We stop playing for a month as soon as there are 5,000 participants.

We campaign heavily to involve as many players as we can.

What do we demand?

Start a dialog with players, cancel unreasonable changes.

members taking part in the protest

& actions


Joint International Strike 1-7 January

We'd like to announce that after a negotiations with several opinion leaders we decided to join forces with protest leaders from the largest poker forum 2p2 and massive poker social network Tiltbook.

We decided on applying multi-step strategy.

Step 1.
We’re staging a strike on Jan. 1–7: one week of no games at all. We are also asking all of the participants to withdraw no less than 10% of their bankrolls from PokerStars.

Step 2.(*)
We’re staging a strike probably on Feb 2-11, also for a week or 10 days. The most likely dates are Feb 2-11.

Step 3.(*)

We’re staging a month-long strike with the possibility of prolongation as soon as we get 5000 players signed for the protest at our site. We're hoping to start Step 3 before the Step 2.

You can find more information in the 2p2 thread

Signing on our site you are obliged only to participate in Step 3, but we ask you to strongly concider participations on both of the first steps and, even more, striking from the New Year until our victory!


*. Currently only Step 1 is fully agreed on.


Video message from NicolasDLP

We start our regular news feed with the video message from famous russian pro Nikolay "Nicolas DLP" Prokhorskiy regarding upcoming changes and protest in general. English subtitles can be switched on in the video settings.

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Protest Economics

MacroPoker analysts have prepared a report on how the protest of players on Dec. 1–3 influenced PokerStars’ revenue, and our CEO AlexOm speaks about the future of the protest.

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We're up and running!

Hello everyone!

We're happy to announce our opening. We're planning to turn our site into the center of the protest movement against short-sighted Amaya policy. We have a plan (which is more like "The Plan"), a forum (which will be the center of our productive discussions) and a comprehensive player's search tool which is only available for verified protesters.

We still have a lot of work to do: currently, we're planning to create presence in social networks and to translate our site into other popular languages so that people all over the world would be able to join us.

Currently, we have a big team of coders, designers, managers, translators, journalists etc., but we're still looking forward to expand. First of all, we're looking for volunteers to help us translate "The Plan" into various languages. Also we're looking for players who are currently at EPT Prague and can help us a little there (we're planning to make a series of interviews).